DVD 305 Tauro's contest

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This dvd brings to conclusion the "Quest for the Perfect Body" by Tauro. This Quest began on Sept 21, 2008. This begins with the building of his posing trunks, and getting his body painted and winning his competition.
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This dvd started on Sept 21, 2008 When Tauro began his "quest". He was about 180 pounds and a little chunky. Over the past 13 months, you could see this transformation in the weekly webisodes. (which are for sale on here as well). This is Web 30 and 32. Here you see all of his hard work and get to hear his fans scream his name when he's on stage. There were a lot of people involved in getting him here. Now you can see and feel the excitement as Tauro takes the stage and blows the competition away. This DVD has 3 parts. The visit with the tailor to custom build his posing trunks. Next, getting his pro tan applied by GForce and finally the day of competition. We see Tauro, getting weighed in, and doing his routine on stage, as well as a quick peek at his competition. Next we see him getting his awards. The end of this dvd has Tauro, the next day reviewing the competition on tape and talking about it, and what was going through his head. click on enlarge photos to see more. 1st group of photos, getting his posing shorts. 2nd set, getting painted, 3rd, on stage at the contest. Almost an hour long, with smoking in various places.
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