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Masked man gets caught and forced to smoke while handcuffed. This dvd combines part one and part two into one movie and part 3 into the second movie on this disc. Both sections have a chapter menu to find your favorite spot.
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The story begins when Officer Wayne is returning home and hears noise coming from his apt. He enters quietly and finds that he is in the middle of a robbery of his own apartment. He draws his gun and turns the lights on and confronts the masked man. He tells the maskend man that he is now his captive. After discovering that the thief was stealing his cigars, he handcuffs him and forces him to smoke them one after another. HE SMOKES MULTIPLES of cigarettes and at times both cigarettes and cigars AT THE SAME TIME. Being the sadistic bastard that Wayne is, he mixes viagra into a glass of water and lets the masked man drink and then he puts on porn and forces the built masked man to watch and smoke. This man has an incredible huge cock. This goes on for hours and hours. The masked man is not allowed to climex therefore building up his blueballs. (pain from not cumming). The next day he is forced to smoke and jerk his cock making him cum again and again until he can only shoot dribbles which is what you see. appx 1 hour with chapters and menus CLICK ON ENLARGE TO SEE PHOTOS OF THIS DVD
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